Entire Portfolio Gone

LaCie is Awful

I have been a Mac based graphic designer since 1984. I have gone through many computers and hard drives over the years. LaCie has been the most problematic by far. I will NEVER buy one again.

Now granted, I usually have 6 or 7 external drives attached to my Mac simultaneously, but whenever I have a drive failure, it is LaCie brand. The last straw was the other day when I’m just sitting at my desk and my entire portfolio drive went corrupt. I wasn’t even using it at the time.

I LOST MY ENTIRE PORTFOLIO since 1984. And yes, it is my own fault. I did not have my Time Machine set up properly. My fault. But still, there was no rational reason for the drive to suddenly fail. I did find some lovely work from 1999 however.

After examination by my tech guy ($200), he says that it MOST LIKELY can be recovered for $2000, but there is no guarantee that any, much less all of the files, can be recovered.

So yeah. no more LaCie for me. Iomega is on this list as well but that was mostly zip drives back in the day.