SimCity BuildIt War Tips & Tricks

Best Practices for Club Wars

This is just basic starter info for best practices war strategy. Not everything applies to all arenas, this is for the 4+ arenas. If you don’t like what I have to say, move along. Everyone has different strategies that work for them.


OVERKILL aka OK When an enemy target has just 1 point left and you hit it with a high attack such as B Movie Monster, therefore maximizing the points you score off of each enemy target.

JP aka JACK Jackpot booster

MAG aka MAGNETISM Attack Mag is highly recommended in conjunction with MM

MM aka B MOVIE MONSTER Attack MM is highly recommended in conjunction with Mag

SLAP is Comic Hand attack.

E How much energy you currently have

T1, T2, T3 etc. When looking at opponents war map, T1 will refer to TOP 1 (city), T2 is 2nd city from the top, T3 is third city from top and so on.

B1, B2, B3 etc. Same as above but when looking at opponents war map, B1 will refer to BOTTOM 1 (city), B2 is 2nd city from the bottom, T3 is third city from bottom and so on.

BOOSTER information is farther down the page


EVERYONE must be on for the initial start of the war in arenas 4, 5 and 6. It is a real disadvantage to have non-participants at the beginning. Usually members who miss 2 consecutive war starts will be booted.

CLUB CHAT IS REQUIRED. DO NOT attack until you have read the club chat. You will miss out on posted strategies and can do the team real damage. A gamer chat channel such as “Discord” is highly recommended, if not required.

When a mayor’s club has CLOSED in the name, DO NOT SHOP THEIR STORE. That is why it says CLOSED. If your market is closed – you can then use your market for additional storage. Other members can sell items back to you or you can use your feeder to do that.

Once you are attacked, DO NOT REBUILD until you have been bubbled. Then just rebuild until you have 1 left. NEVER come out from the bubble until you have full energy again. If you do rebuild before you are bubbled, you are just giving the enemy the opportunity to gain more points.



  1. Must be on for start.
  2. Must read war strategy and confirm prior to war start.
  3. Must confirm target with strategist.
  4. No repairing until domed. Once domed, repair to 13 health (Arena 5) , and wait until unshielding is authorized. (DO NOT UNSHIELD)
  5. If unshielding is authorized, you must be full energy and be able to use all 14 energy with a jackpot.
  6. During war time, you must check Discord AND game chat for updated war strategies.
  7. Each Person is responsible for having a minimum of the following attacks ready at the start of war:
    1. 12+ Mags
    2. 6+ MM
    3. 5+ Jackpots
    4. 5+ L2 Duds
    5. 5+ L3 Umbrellas
    6. 3+ L3 Freeze
    7. 3+ L3 Energy Pumps
    8. 3+ L3 Vamps


  1. Must be on for start and be a bit active throughout the war.
  2. It is okay to repair anytime. (based on the term of the open war )
  3. No vamps, no freezes, no umbrellas, no duds are to be used.
  4. You can use energy boost and jackpots.
  5. When shielded, you can unshield anytime.
  6. Try to shield opponents with maximum damage if possible.
  7. You can only shield an opponent if they are inactive for 30 minutes or if they have a jackpot on them.
  8. Each person is responsible for having enough attacks for at least 1 round of attacking.








THE ENERGY PUMP aka B1, B2 or B3
The energy pump/booster will speed up the energy regeneration of the target city. It comes in 3 levels:
Level 1 = Energy refill x2, lasts for 60 minutes
Level 2 = Energy refill x3, lasts for 60 minutes
Level 3 = Energy refill x4, lasts for 60 minutes

Use the Energy Vampire booster and slow down the speed of energy regeneration of the target city. It comes in 3 levels:
Level 1 = Slows energy refill x2, lasts for 60 minutes
Level 2 = Slows energy refill x3, lasts for 60 minutes
Level 3 = Slows energy refill x4, lasts for 60 minutes

The Umbrella boost will protect the target city from attacks for a set amount of time. You can still attack the enemy. It comes in 3 levels:
Level 1 = Shield protection for 10 minutes
Level 2 = Shield protection for 20 minutes
Level 3 = Shield protection for 30 minutes

THE FREEZE aka F1, F2 or F3
Targeted cities will not be able to attack, but can still be attacked. It comes in 3 levels:
Level 1 = City frozen for 5 minutes
Level 2 = City frozen for 10 minutes
Level 3 = City frozen for 15 minutes

Attacks against the affected city will give double the points for a set period of time. It is best to team up with another person to maximize points from JPs. DO NOT use someone else’s JP without their permission, it is just damn rude. It comes in 3 levels:
Level 1 = Doubled points for 10 minutes
Level 2 = Doubled points for 20 minutes
Level 3 = Doubled points for 30 minutes

THE DUD aka D1, D2 or D3
When you place a dud on yourself, the enemy will only get half the points they would normally get. If you are out of Umbrella/Shield boosters, the dud is a good option. It comes in 3 levels:
Level 1 = Half the points for 10 minutes
Level 2 = Half the points for 20 minutes
Level 3 = Half the points for 30 minutes


  1. Try to only spend your war coins on boosters. War parts can be gotten elsewhere but boosters cannot. The higher up the team goes, the more you need boosters of all kinds and every level.
  2. When you need to use an energy booster, hit yourself with a Vampire Level 1 (V1) along with your Energy Boost Level 3 (B3) so the enemy cannot hit you with a Level 3 Vampire. This is best practices for defense.
  3. When there are less opponents to attack than players on your side – use a freeze, do not umbrella.
  4. NEVER hit a dud. EVER. If you see you have hit a dud, STOP ATTACKING IMMEDIATELY.
  5. If you have no idea what you are doing with boosters, DO NOTHING or ask someone who does know. You could easily wreck an excellent strategy and make your team lose.

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  1. Sherry Brantley

    This was very helpful.

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    All I wanted was an active club. Now I got three, and I realize simply being active isn’t everything. CCCXXII days grinded and counting.

  3. Sarah

    Thanks for the guide. Just wondering WHY the mag and mm are good together?

  4. Hermit

    Mag and mm are more efficient attacks, you can do more damage with less energy.

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